Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today we Celebrated...

Today we celebrated C Boy's birthday. What? You didn't? C Boy's birthday was today, B Boy's birthday was last week, and D Boy's birthday is next week. This is according to my youngest, who tells us all about the letter boys. They are Super Heros, and they each have different talents and abilities. There are also Evil Letter Boys (to oppose the Super Heros) and smaller, usually lower-case Letter Girls. Lost yet?

So today we had a little party for C Boy. We had Mexican Chicken tortilla soup, Cornbread, Carrots, Cheese sandwiches, Chips, Cran-Grape juice, double Chocolate Chunk Cookies. The kids made Crowns. We Created (ok--we knit). My sister sent an unexpected birthday card to C Boy that arrived TODAY! (She's good.) The card had glitter and kid art. It was fabulous! My nephew didn't "get it" but he wished C Boy a happy birthday anyway.

C Boy, for those who are interested, wears a Cape, Chases Cats, and rides in a Car.

D Boy is up next week. What to do... Donuts? Drums?

Well, I've (nearly) finished my Lizard Ridge. I love it! It is fully knit, blocked, and sewn together. It needs an edging, but that shouldn't take too long. I finished the Santa Scarf--it turned out pretty cute! Now I'm working on a Mrs. Weasley's Bag from Charmed Knits. Fun project.


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