Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The *!@#*#@ Vest is Done

Yesterday I finished the vest I started knitting for my dad several years ago. It has been three or four years--I'm not sure. I think I've blocked it out. There is nothing wrong with the pattern (from Knitter's, years ago), the yarn was wonderful. If this were a computer I would say it is a PEBCAK issue. You know...the Problem Exists Between the Chair and the Keyboard. In this case, I guess it was PEBNAY. Between the Needles and the Yarn. Me. Me. Me. The problem was all me. Luckily, I seem to have put all of my knitting issues in this one project. May they all stay there.

Just after Christmas one year, my parents were visiting. I purposely didn't give my dad a present, but gave him a Future Vest. I showed him a pattern I had picked out and asked his opinion. He didn't care for it, but did pick another pattern from the same issue. So far so good. I ordered the yarn. Still, so far, so good. Slowly but surely I knitted one side. That was with the correct needles, size 9. Later (why rush) I knitted the other side. With size 6 needles. Go, me. As it is a mistake rib pattern and I was knitting to measurements and couldn't tell the difference, I soldiered on. Finally (it must have been 1 1/2 years by now) I finished it up and sent it off to Iowa. Turns out the vest was about three inches too short for my father. Yea.

Again, go me. I said "no problem--send it back." I thought I'd be able to take off the ribbing, knit up or down--whatever--make it longer and send it back. Don't get too cocky with knitting. It will get you back. I could NOT figure out how to attach knitting to this funky mistake rib pattern without having it show, so after Much Procrastination, I finally decided I'd have to reknit it. Several times over, I hated this vest. It doesn't even have sleeves. There is no reason for this thing to take years to knit.

I reknit it. A front, a back. After I added three inches, though, I ran out of yarn. There was not enough left to do the neck and arm bands. So close and yet so far. Guess what--the yarn was discontinued. (Note to self--Knit Your Projects in a Reasonable Amount of Time!) I finally found a wonderful person on Ravelry who pointed me to another wonderful person who was willing to sell to me her one skein of Artful Yarns Jazz in colorway Dizzy. Whew and wow. Project underway again.

Around New Year's 2007, I sewed the shoulder seams and did the neckband THREE times, for various reasons. (Sewed back on backwards, sewed inside out...for the record, it was really hard to tell inside from outside when I wasn't looking carefully). Third time was charm enough--I don't love the result, but it will pass. Then when I was sewing up the SECOND side seam I noticed that the ribbing on the front is half an inch shorter than the ribbing on the back. How on Earth did I do that??? And why didn't I see it until sewing up the SECOND seam??? That mistake stays as is.

Now the ends are woven in. It is DONE. AGAIN. I hope it will be long enough for my dear old dad. I also hope that I haven't breathed too many bad thoughts into that stupid vest.

So I don 't leave you with all negative thoughts, think on this...Lizard Ridge. Again! For Christmas 2006 I made one for my sister and BIL. I LOVED the pattern, the project, the yarn, the end result. I had to give it away. It's a good thing they like it! (As a matter of fact, my knitting is famous now! They sent it out on their New Years cards this year! OK--the picture is of the dog, but he is ON my Lizard Ridge, which is draped over my BIL. Nice!) So I am now nine squares into a 30 square afghan. I am loving it again. Theirs had more brights and more contrast--mine is not turning out that way, but I've got a ways to go. It is fascinating to watch it grow.

I think my next big UFO to tackle will be my Rogue. I don't remember when I started that either, but I don't hate it yet. I just got sidetracked. I may get sidetracked again, though, because I've got two pregnant friends...


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

2008. Wow. I'm short on time right now, but I do want to officially state that I will finish four UFOs this year. My dad's vest and three others--doesn't matter which ones, but I'm going to get the lead out and finish some things. I'm going to eat right and exercise--really! I'm going to get a job.

Happy New Year!