Sunday, September 30, 2007


I'm trying to take pictures and get them here and in Ravelry. I'm failing. I got some really poor pictures taken--I don't think this camera is working too well. I found the plug and attached it to both camera and computer. Go, me! I walked through the guide-thing and I created a Flickr account. Easy-peasy. Then I tried to find the pictures, and it all went south. I can't find them. I feel like a dunce. Where did they go? I looked and looked. The file name listed in the picture software doesn't seem to exist. Ughhh. DH took the boys out for some fun, I have all this time to get pictures on Ravelry (finally) and I can't find them. You know if I ask him for help he'll find them in about two seconds. I want to find them first!

Yesterday I took the boys out while DH went golfing. It was Free Museum Day, sponsored by Smithsonian Magazine. One of the museums in our area that was free was the Michael Carlos Museum over at Emory. They were having an Egyptian/mummy exhibit that I thought would interest the boys. DS1 has a Jack & Annie book (Magic Tree House) about Egypt, pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphics and all, and we've read it many times. He has seen a Trading Spaces in which they decorated a boys room in an "Egyptian" style. For months he told me that his "next room" was going to be decorated like that one. (Also, I was to have a flower/garden-y design for mine. So Not My Style.) So all this bodes well for the museum, right? Wrong. We went through that place faster than I've ever gone through a museum before. Oh, well. I'm trying, and it was free! I'm not happy about how it went, but I'd be even less happy if I'd spent $15 a ticket. I will keep trying to educate and infuse an appreciation for art and aged things.

Do look for Free Museum Day next year! They seem to have it the last Saturday of September. Last year I made them go to the High Museum here in Atlanta, because I hadn't been able to go. I enjoyed that one--it is a fancy art museum. The boys, not so much. (I didn't expect it last year, though.)

As soon as I FIND the pictures, I will post them... Yesterday I finished two things, both crochet. (WHAT is up with the crochet? It's starting to get annoying.) There is a necklace/scarfy thing from Berroco called Coral made of Boho. It is really a string of little attached circles. It is fun, and different. Mine is greens, and I like it.

I also finished the body of Kluster, another Berroco free pattern. It is a crocheted crochet hook holder. I'm in the midst of felting it now, so I can add the center strip later this week. My excuse for this is that even knitters use crochet hooks. There is the occasional chain needed, or single crochet edge (makes for easy pick-up of stitches), or threading beads onto fabulous lace knitting. Previously I denied crocheting a place in my knitter-existance, but I still need a place to keep the hooks. Might as well be crocheted.

My dad's vest is coming along. I believe I am four rows away from finishing the back. Now I am really scared that I am going to run out of yarn. Since this is such an old project, I doubt that I will be able to find any more. WHY did I procrastinate? Well, keep knitting and find out the horrible truth. That's my plan.

Now, since I am boy-free for the afternoon, I think I'll knit!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I guess "tomorrow" is a relative term here. I meant to write, but...

Anyway, Wednesday was great. I did go by myself, but I got a great seat because of it. The talk was in a theater in/past/through an ice cream place. Funny that it could be there, but it was. They put me on the raised section in the second row. Still technically in the back, but raised so I had a pretty good view. When Stephanie came out to sign the group A books (for those people from far away), she was sitting right next to me. (Or I was sitting right next to her. Whatever.) I sat next to a nice lady from Peachtree City, and we gabbed. I also saw several people I knew from Guild and elsewhere, and I got to gab with them. Stephanie talked to the approx. 700 of us for about 1 1/2 hours. Boy, is she funny, thought-provoking, entertaining... Well worth the scary driving-to -VH-by-myself that I had to do. Since I was in the group B (for those of us "close by") signing group, I had a lot of free time after the talk. I hung out at the shop, gabbed some more, got dinner (hummus and grilled bread--yummy) across the street, and hung out at the shop some more. I met some great people from Athens, GA behind me in line, and got some knitting done on my current project. I finally got to have my book signed (I was one of the last), and was tongue-tied. Idiot. Stephanie was really nice, though, and I'm so glad that I went. It was a fun night.

I have finished a few more things. Last week I made myself finish at least one thing/day. I finished a crocheted baby blanket for DH's niece's new baby girl. (That makes me a great-aunt four times over--weird.) I wove ends in on a head scarf thing from Knitty. Can't remember the name of it, but it'll come to me. I wove in the ends of the Touch Me scarf and felted it. Wow, is that thing great. I used every bit of six skeins, though, and came up five inches shorter than they supposedly did with five skeins. How did they do that?? I wove in the ends on Aunt BJ's bag. (Now MAIL it, darnit!) There were a couple other things, but I can't remember them now. It was probably just weaving ends in--I'm bad about not doing that until I simply must mail something.

I'm chugging away on my dad's vest. (Really.) Five more inches, and I'll be done with the back.

I am also making a scarf with some alpaca that sister AJ gave me from Peru. She used to travel there quite a bit, and I benefited in the way of great yarn! This yarn is a gorgeous red color, and knits at 5 1/2 stitches to the inch. The scarf is my copy of the Swiss Cheese scarf from Morehouse Merino. I'm too cheap to buy the pattern, because it is only sold in a kit, so I'm having to make it up by myself. So far, so good. For some reason it makes me think of Ralph Macchio. (It's backward, though--cast off, cast on.) Let's see--did I go to high school in the 80s?

In my head I'm also designing copies of two other scarves I've seen online. These will be for my boys, and are Santa and a Snowman. The long scarfy bits are hats that end in the appropriate face at one end and a pompom at the other. What I can't decide is stockinette, 1 x 1 rib, garter, or tube. Santa would be easy, but I don't like what I've got available for his face. Snowman has way too many yarn options for the hat part. What to do, what to do? Oh--I also want to have one of them finished by the October 4th Guild meeting. Knit fast, Becky!

More "tomorrow."

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Tonight (well, the 19th) the Harlot was in town. Wow, is she funny. Several hundred knitters and I got to laugh and appreciate ourselves as knitters. What fun. I was one of the very last to get my book signed at Knitch, but I didn't mind the wait. Knitters are great company. There were many that I know, and more that I didn't know. More on the story tomorrow, though. I'm beat--I got home at 11:30, and it's 2:00 now. Good night, all.