Sunday, February 3, 2008

Knitters are great!

I love knitters! I've been to two great things lately that have just made me happy. Yesterday I took a road trip with two friends and a Very Little Boy to Greenville, SC. The Greenville Knitting Guild had a Knit Inn. Registration was (get this) FIVE DOLLARS. I could actually afford it. Had I registered in time, I might have been able to take one of many classes they had going on, again for only FIVE DOLLARS. Since I didn't decide to go until Monday, I didn't get into any classes. I still had a fabulous time. We drove for 2 1/2 hours or so and then basically parked ourselves in the Drury Inn dining area along with a bunch of other knitters. There was a room with cookies and pop, a few vendors, a silent auction, and door prizes. People shifted in and out, but mostly we just WERE. We knit. (knitted?)

We got to meet a wonderful knitter from (who currently lives in) Greenville. (Hi, Heather!) We walked over to Whole Foods for lunch and we found beer samples--I even liked a couple of them. After a cruise through AC Moore, we had dinner at a cool coffee shop called Underground Coffee. We were definitely old fogies, though--everyone else there was 25 or younger, and Cool. We were Uncool, but that's one of the benefits of being old(er). We didn't care, and we had a great time anyway! What a great, great day.

Last weekend I was invited to another knitter's house for a Pride and Prejudice marathon knit-in. From 2:30 to 9:30 we watched all five hours of the BBC version of PaP, drank tea, and knit. There was talking, sharing, crying--I'm sorry I had to leave. I had left DH home with one sick boy and one bouncing-off-the-wall-recently-healthy boy (101.5 to 103.3 fever for a week, but finally over it), and I thought I should see how they all were. I hope the girls decide to gather again.

I love knitters!


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! I said you were a better blogger than me, and this proves it. I haven't gotten around to blogging the Knit Inn yet, and any post now will be Hopelessly Out of Date. It was great to meet you and the others. Hope to see you again!


Tamara said...

The P & P marathon sounds great. Now that we have the entire thing on dvd, (as opposed to my ancient video tape from when it was first shown on A & E) maybe I'll have to do that down here in woefully un-cultured Charleston.