Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two FOs, but two UFOs found...

Saturday I sewed on the buttons and blocked the lace dress for my Mum's doll. I don't really know which doll--she'll have to figure that out. I sure do like how it turned out, though. There are a couple mistakes in the knitting, but I hope they won't be too easily spotted. I did learn a lesson: one should not eat fudgcicles while knitting with white cotton. (Or perhaps while knitting anything.) Tomorrow I really will post pictures, as I MUST get it in the mail.

Today I finished the doll-sized pumpkin costume. It is cute! I'm really not into making clothes for dolls all the time--these are just the projects-of-the-moment. Pics of this to come tomorrow, too.

Sadly, I did find two more UFOs. I KNEW nine was a skimpy number. I found a scarf that I'm not crazy about in green shiny yarn (ugh) and a pair of blue/grey stranded mittens. These would be such simple things to finish up--why don't I? Well, this is the year to get everything off the needles. My next task is to finish edging the train blanket. The two long sides are done, so I'm on my way. Choo choo.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Well, I've been thinking about what to write. I want 2007 to be about finishing up old projects and knitting from stash, so I decided to start a UFO list. I say start, because I know there are several projects that I have forgotten about. When I find them, I will add them to my list! I don't know of any projects that I don't want to finish--just MANY that I haven't finished. So here goes:

1. lace wedding dress for a 16" doll. destined for my mother. (finished March 24, 2007)

2. train blanket for Jackson. I'm on the edging! (finished April 16, 2007)

3. vest for my dad. (WAS completely finished and delivered. It turns out that it needs an additional 3" in length, so must be reknitted.)

4. pumpkin costume with hat and bag for an 18" doll, again for my mother (finished March 27, 2007)

5. linen farmers' market bag, with yarn purchased while in NC (finished April 8, 2007)

6. Rogue for me

7. Crayon box jacket for me

8. cashmere(!) scarf for me. yarn from sister AJ, while she was in Hong Kong

9. Peacock feather shawl for sister-in-law

Gee, nine doesn't seem like that many. Why haven't I finished them??? Maybe it is because life gets in the way, and other knitting creeps in somehow. Oh, well. I love it all. Tonight I need to finish working--then I can get back to my knitting!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Finally did it...

Hello, world. I finally started a knitting blog. This week I will figure out how to add pictures so I can track my projects, and maybe you will keep me on track. Wish me luck!