Sunday, July 8, 2007


Wow, what a blogging slacker I am. In my defense, a lot has been going on/changing around here. Highlights: parents came to visit, turned 40, lost job. Here's the knitting stuff...

I haven't finished my dad's vest, but I am making steady progress on it. I am one inch from the armhole shaping on the back. When I get there, the back will go faster. The front should be a piece of cake, because I'm going to start that piece from the armhole. Much less to knit that way. (Detatch extra bits, knit three additional required inches, start armhole/neck shaping.)

I did make a pirate washcloth for DS#1, and I made a plastic bag out of plastic bags. I think I got the pattern from Magknits, and it was fun to do. My folks brought a LOT of bags when they visited at the beginning of June. I've cut those up (got three blisters in the process), so I'm ready to make some more soon.

Also finished were a little tank top and shrug for my niece. I'm not sure they went over too well, but maybe it is just the season. Oh, well.

I also finished a horrible shiny green scarf that was already on the needles. It didn't make my WIP list, but it has been around for a while. So, Success, even if I'm not crazy about it! A UFO!

That's all I can remember finishing, but that is about it, I'm sure. I have started the Mystery Stole 3, and I've even finished Clue 2. I did have to go buy beads, but they were only $3. Go, me. DS #2 even helped me pick them out. The yarn is from stash, is black and probably wool, but I'm afraid that's all I know about it. I think it will look great blocked. Five more clues to go!

I've also cast on a short-sleeved sweater for myself. Amazing. Since I HAVE to do the Dad-Vest, I knit a row of that, then a row of my sweater. Progress on both.

I have also been going to a knit-in every Monday night at a coffee shop here in Marietta. It's fun, and I'm recognizing faces. It's the best parts of knitting--talking, knitting, coffee, repeat. Fun.

Next week is Stitch -n- Pitch here in Atlanta. I can't wait! I've got tickets for all my boys, and we'll be in the shade!

Pics of what I can soon!