Wednesday, April 2, 2008

And tomorrow is for G Boy

Wow. I haven't told you about the fun we've had celebrating birthdays for D Boy, E Boy, or F Boy! Where does the time go? Here's a teensy summary: D Boy got a Dozen Decorated Doughnuts from Dunkin' Donuts. E Boy got a bit more...Es and many E words and pictures on the driveway until it rained, Eggo waffles, Edamame, burned-to-a-crisp Empanadas (put out in the rain to stop the smell), and Egg decorating, as it was the week before Easter (fortunate!). F Boy got Formal Fancy-Font invitations to his Fete, Fiesta, Festival... There were Fragrant Flowers, Fajitas, Flour tortillas, Fanta, and fun. It was Fabulous! It was also on Friday (natch!), as it is every year (according to DS).

G Boy's birthday is tomorrow. The menu hasn't been completely nailed down, but I have a few options: there could be Grilled cheese, Grapes, Granola bars, Ginger Ale, Grape juice, Gatorade, Ground beef sandwiches (sloppy joes), Garden Salad, Guacamole, &/or Garbanzo bean salad. DS and I were at a store yesterday and saw a huge display of G things for the University of Georgia. He was terribly excited by all of the Gs, but I didn't think we needed to buy balloons or cups or stickers or anything else UGA related for the birthday. Now, if they'd had napkins, I probably would have buckled. G napkins would have been really cool.

What's funny about these "parties" is that the older kids (one in 1st grade and one in Kindergarten) seem to feel that they are missing out on something neat. If only they knew.

Knitting is happening. It's weird--I haven't been doing any "have to do" knitting at all. I've been on a string bag/farmer's market bag kick lately, and it is fun! I have a bit (ahem) of a cotton stash, and I've been trying to make a dent in it. So far I've finished four string bags from four patterns. One was crocheted, three were knit. I've been testing their sturdiness today--boy, are they strong. Also, the one which was my least favorite to make has been GREAT (G word!) to use. I may have to make another one. That is, after I've tested the other eight or so string bag patterns I have printed off...


Heather said...

Love the Letter Boy birthdays! You're so creative. Great to see you on Sunday!

Priscilla said...

Great work.