Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well, I've taken the plunge, with one day to go. Those of you in-the-know know that Ravelympics starts tomorrow! I've committed to do some WIP Wrestling, and picked two projects: my Peacock Feathers shawl and my BYOB. An old project and a fairly new one. I'm afraid I have other projects which are calling to me, but I'm going to try to focus on these. The Peacock Feathers has been waiting a while because I have to rip back a number of rows (eight? ten? I haven't looked at it in a while) to fix a mistake. It has been easier to put it aside than to fix it, so that what I have done. Tomorrow, though, it all changes. WIP Wrestling, here I come!
The BYOB has been cast on and the bottom finished, but I keep working on other current projects--I can see this languishing by my bed for a long time.

I have been working on a baby afghan for a mystery baby (gender, that is) that has been fun. It is called Animal Antics, and I've done the five animals in different colors, with the background in brown. I'm afraid it doesn't scream (or even feebly whisper) "girl" to me, though, and that is what I've just found out this baby is. She's not due until October, so I've got a little time left. The afghan I've done needs an edging, but I haven't decided how to do that just yet. I thought about making a pink-y or flower-y afghan for Ravelympics, but I think I should finish off some of the things I've started first. What to do?

DH and I think we should write down some of the things our boys say. So--drumroll--the funniest word ever said in a movie is--Underpants. That's right, underpants. The boys and I have been going to see the free movies at the theaters all summer, and we accidentally saw one called "Everyone's Hero" or "Everybody's Hero" or some such thing. (It really stuck with me, huh?) I was not enthralled, but the boys laughed through the whole thing. There was a talking ball! And a talking bat! And they said "underpants" twice! Wow--tears rolling down my face. I was sitting there quite bored, and both boys would laugh and repeat the funny bits. That would make me laugh. Then we got to listen to semi-quotes for two weeks. It probably still isn't over. "Big Bob toys. Big Bob newspapers. Big Bob UNDERPANTS!" Actually, it isn't Big Bob at all--it was Babe Ruth. Details, though, aren't really important to a 4 yo.

More later--really!


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